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The Wolf Howl Staff: 2019-2020

Staff Reporter

Hokulani Cachola

Hokulani is a senior and just transferred to Chandler High School. I was born and raised in Hawaii and I have one of the shortest middle names where I come from. My full name is Hokulani U’i launa ‘ole ka-mea ‘i’o kamakamae ke kau lani Cachola. I am a varsity setter for Chandler wolves and soon be a soccer player. I enjoy boxing and going to the beach and having the sun rest on my body. I do miss home especially the beaches but it feels good to be in Arizona.

Staff Reporter

Angelina Flores

Angelina is a senior at Chandler High and a reporter for the CHS Wolf Howl. She is in Modazz, the school’s company dance program and has her own “Save the Planet” club at our school. Angelina is passionate about writing, dance, photography, and making a difference in the world. After high school, Angelina plans on going to “Walter Cronkite the School of Journalism” and pursuing a masters in journalism and mass communications. 

Staff Reporter

Yushin Son

Yushin is currently a junior and a newcomer to newspaper as a reporter. When not writing, she’s normally found reading, working on film making, and working out. She’s part of various clubs/activities such as D&D, orchestra, film, and volunteering.

Staff Reporter

Alyssa Rosenberg

Alyssa is Junior at Chandler High.  She is an IB Diploma candidate, and is heavily involved with her academics. She has a passion for writing, and plans to carry this on into her future career.  She is a member of Model United Nations, Writing Club, Bibles and Bagels, and SSBTR.

Staff Reporter

Kevin Puerto

Staff Reporter

Kira Partlowe

 My name is Kira Partlowe. Other than newspaper my favorite class is math. My favorite thing to do outside of newspaper is spending time with friends; I also love to play with my 7 year old chihuahua, Pretzel. Another interesting thing about me is, after High School, I would like to be a criminal justice lawyer. 

Staff Reporter

Adam Parra

My name is Adam Parra and I’m a sophomore at Chandler High.I am part of the CHS WolfHowl where I am a reporter. I play in a punk rock band called Düd and have been for three years. My dog is three and his name is Sketch and I love him.

Staff Reporter

George Morris

George has been apart of newspaper since the start of his junior year starting as a reporter, George has gone to chandler for 3 years now, and moved to Arizona from Oregon and other then that there’s not that much more to know.

Staff Reporter

Sierra Mitchell

Sierra is a senior at Chandler High and is a reporter for the CHS Wolf Howl. She is in Hiking Club, Model UN, and Unified Cheer. Her hobbies include dancing, guitar hero, and tik tok. She plans to attend a trade school for cosmetology after she graduates high school. 

Staff Reporter

Jane Mercer

Jane is a junior at Chandler High, she spent her freshman year at Dobson High. She is originally from Florida but moved to Arizona 7 years ago in March 2012.  Jane’s birthday is July ninth so that makes her star sign a Cancer. Jane wants to go to culinary school after she graduates high school and bake professionally in a cafe with her friends. This is her first year being a Newspaper editor. Loves to read and when the occasion strikes write poetry or short stories. When she can she will play dungeons and dragons.

Staff Reporter

Kyle Kisthardt

Staff Reporter

Griffin Eckstein

Griffin is a Sophomore at Chandler High. He is a reporter for the Wolf Howl, and a member of Speech and Debate. Griffin is passionate about politics, art and music. His hobbies include watching basketball, spending time with my friends, and playing video games. He wants to major in Political Science at UC Berkeley.

Staff Reporter

Imani Davis

Imani is a sophomore and has been a reporter on the Wolf Howl team since the beginning of the year. When she’s not working on articles she’s writing and making artwork, which varies from digital to traditional art. Imani has been in Arizona for almost three years after moving down from Canada, and she doesn’t regret a thing about it. She is involved in Writing Club, Spot 127—an afterschool program that teaches students about editing software—and can be found reading, writing, or drawing in her free time. 

Staff Reporter

Asia Cruz

My name is Asia Cruz, I’m a sophomore at Chandler High, and I’m a reporter in the CHS wolf howl. My hobbies include drawing, skating, traveling, photography, and sports. My favorite things to do are hangout with my friends, going on late night adventures, and watching movies with my family. I am the second oldest of five kids, I’m mixed with 8 different races, I’m the tallest out of all of my siblings, and they’re my best friends. I’ve been drawing since I was about 9 years old, I take drawing and painting 2 at Chandler high, which is also my favorite subject. After high school, I want to go to a university, preferably, University of Arizona or University of Southern California.

Staff Reporter

Jewelz Cox

Website and Social Media Manager

Ej Thurman

Ej is a senior a Chandler High and has been apart of the Wolf Howl for two years now. He has been promoted to Web and Social Media manager this year and is doing his very best to keep you updated daily. Outside his office he plays baseball for Chandler he is going into his 3rd year as as a varsity player and hopes to help is team to Tempe Diablo Stadium and bring a championship back to Chandler. He’s looking forward to great last year of his high school career.

Writing Coach

Claire Bridges

Claire is a senior at Chandler High, who has been a part of the CHS Wolf Howl since her junior year. She’s one of the Writing coaches for the newspaper, the president of the Writing Club, as well as a member of NHS. In addition to her schoolwork, she writes and draws in her free time, while maintaining a steady job. After graduating, she plans to study English at the University of Arizona, in hopes of one day becoming an editor. 

Opinions Editor

Hannah Bradford

 My name is Hannah Bradford, I’m 15 years old, and I’m a Sophomore at Chandler High. My hobbies include skateboarding, singing, playing ukulele, playing guitar, and painting. I have 4 dogs and two cats and I love them very much. My favorite class is the school newspaper (the Wolfhowl) where I am the Opinions editor. I’m an Aries. That’s really all there is to know about me. 

Special Features Editor

Kailey Shupe

Kailey has been a part of the Wolf Howl for 2 years, first as a reporter, and now as the Special Features editor. She’s a part of Chandler High’s Youth Equity Stewardship, that strives to make schools a more equitable place and promote healthy relationships between the student population and faculty.

Sports Editor

Gabby Williams

Gabby is a senior and has been apart of the Wolf Howl team for two years. She started as a reporter and has worked her way up to Sports Editor and Lead Photographer. She is also extremely involved in the choir program. Gabby sings for the Treblemakers as well as the Chamber Choir. 

Entertainment Editor

Samantha Gerard

Sam is a senior at CHS, and has been on the newspaper team for 3 years and has gone from being a reporter to the editor of the entertainment pages. When she’s not creating and editing layouts, she trains afterschool with the swim team and occasionally bakes a sweet or two for the Wolf Howl Team. She plans to expand her design knowledge in college at Northern Arizona University. 

Editor in Chief

Gabriel Hawthorne

Gabe is a Senior IB Diploma Candidate at Chandler High and also the Editor-in-Chief of the Wolf Howl Publication. He has been a member of the Wolf Howl for three years and plans on studying Investigative Journalism in the future. He is also a proud member of Model United Nations that competes at Harvard Model UN annually. He is very proud of the Wolf Howl staff’s accomplishments so far and cannot wait to see what else they do this year. 

Writing Coach

Simone King

Simone King is a Sophomore at Chandler High. Her current position is as a Writing Coach for the CHS Wolf Howl. Her hobbies include eating Cheez-Its, playing The Sims, and learning Digital Media skills at Spot 127. Simone frequently travels between Arizona and her native state of California. She joined Newspaper to positively impact lives using the power of words.


Brandi Rasmussen

Mrs. Rasmussen, who attended NAU for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, has taught at Chandler High School since 2012. She has taught all grade levels and multiple course types, including English, Newspaper/Journalism, and Creative Writing classes. As teacher/adviser of the Wolf Howl, she believes in a student-led publication where all decisions about what to write, how to design, and methods of collaboration originate and end with students themselves. At home, Mrs. R (or Mama Rassy) loves to spend time with her husband, four children, family, and friends.