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Wolf Howl

C-Town Back on Top

Rivalry week with Hamilton High was from 10/27-11/1. Rivalry week consists of ‘Make a wish’ foundation, spirit week, and the rival game pep rally. Spirit week is the week when the students are asked to show their school spirit and hype each other up for the big game.

Spirit days:

  • Monday- Skaters vs. VSCO girls
  • Tuesday-  Mathlete vs. Athlete 
  • Wednesday- Toddlers vs. Elders
  • Thursday- Cowboys vs. Aliens
  • Friday- Class Color Day

Seniors: Blue Out

Juniors: Black out

Sophomores: White Out 

Freshman: Gray Out

Friday is also the day of pep rally, where the students get excited the big game. Payments to the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation are raised for sick children to meet someone, be someone, or go somewhere. The students raise money so the children could have this experience. The ‘Make a wish’ foundation money raised by an ice bucket challenge, the students favorite teachers may get an ice water bucket dumped over their head; the teacher who raises the most money gets the ice bucket over the head. Finally, the epic rivalry game of Chandler High and Hamilton High students are the most excited for the head to head football game. The rivalry started 17 years ago, when Hamilton High opened. This meant more academic opportunities in the CUSD, but this also meant a new football team arrived in Chandler. The football fields have been marked as battle grounds since then. Chandler High wins the rivalry football game 42-38 against Hamilton High. Hamilton High lead in the first half and Chandler High caught up and tied the game 35-35. With a kick, Hamilton lead in the third quarter 38-35. Then, to win the game, Chandler scored the winning touchdown. Leaving Chandler High, the winners of The Battle of Arizona Avenue.