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Wolf Howl

Local Solutions to Climate Change

Most of us are aware of the fact that, without swift action, earth as we no it may cease to exist. Many people want to do their part to prevent the extremities that come along with Climate Change but have no idea where to start.  Looking into businesses, organizations, and non-profits who advocate for living sustainably are a great place to start.

 Environment Arizona is an  organization that has been devoted to ‘citizen-based environmental advocacy for over thirty years. Environment Arizona uses resources funded by supporters to host news conferences, form petitions, and research and promote solutions to environmental challenges. The overall goal is to educate people about the impact of climate change on everyday society. Along with annual reports, issues, and newsletters the website has several detailed descriptions of the organization’s campaigns. Environment Arizona is devoted to continuing funds to the Clean Water Act which protects 119,00 miles of streams in Arizona, along with 2 million miles of streams nationwide. In response to the Trump administration’s plan to rollback clean car standards, Environment Arizona along with associates in other states worked to circulate petitions against this act . They have gathered thousands or signatures on these petitions. Another plan of action from this organization is The Shining Cities project.This project is opposing plans by Arizona Public Service to invest in fossil fuels instead of investing in renewable energy and beginning to charge solar customers, which may stunt solar growth. Since its founding, Environment Arizona has advocated for these campaigns and conducted research with the goal of protecting and preserving our planet for many generations to come.                               

The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit organization that has been advocating for sustainable construction as well as building design. The Sonoran Branch, based in Tuscon, works with local construction agencies to ensure that more metropolitan and suburban buildings are produced with sustainability in mind. Currently, the Sonoran Branch is working to develop a USGBC’s ADVANCE initiative in a potential 2030 district. The ADVANCE initiative helps spread access to ‘green’ technological resources and information to places such as schools and other non-profits. 2030 districts are high-performance urban building districts and cities created to enhance the environmental features instead of demolishing the surroundings. These cities work to decrease the amount of energy and water used as well as limiting pollution from transportation vehicles in order to prevent or delay  the effects of Climate Change. The USGBC website offers information such as free courses on sustainability and green house education so that all those interested can have access to the tools to make their life more sustainable.

The Sierra Club is an environmental non-profit that has existed the United in the United States for over one hundred years. This foundation’s goal is ‘help educate, inspire, and empower humanity to preserve the natural and human environment’. The Grand Canyon Chapter in Arizona of the Sierra Club opened in 1965 to encourage the prevention of man-made dams in the Grand Canyon. This chapter encourages community participation in the preservation of national parks, rivers and streams, forests, and wildlife refuges across the country. Along with promoting conservation, the foundation hosts several events and activities such as activist and social events, group hiking on several trails and mountains in the state, and eco- friendly voter guides and endorsements for legislative and statewide office elections approved by the Sierra Club national political committee on the Grand Canyon Chapter website. As well as eco-friendly voter guides, the Sierra Club voices the environmental effects of certain policies that have been passed under the Trump Administration. President Trump’s rollback on the Clean Car Standardswill cause an increase of air pollution nationwide. Also on the Grand Canyon Chapter is a film, Too Many Tracks produced by the Sierra Club National, that explains how the construction of a border wall will endanger several species of wildlife along the border route. The Sierra Club has many volunteer opportunities as well as links to environmental news articles in order to try to keep Arizona residents informed on how to conserve resources and remain environmentally friendly. 

For everyday people, attempting to prevent something as detrimental as Climate Change may seem like a daunting task as there is only so much that we can do. But every effort counts whether you are recycling and using non-plastic straws or protesting the construction of environmentally harmful construction. If everybody contributing, we can start on a path to remedying our only planet.