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Wolf Howl

A Showcase of Theatre’s Showcase

APAC/Company Theatre presented the hilarious, the unpredictable, and the witty with the improv battle showcase as three teams battled it out to be crowned the kings of improv. Each team had fifteen minutes to perform and with stagecraft backstage for all their lighting and music needs, the stage was set. The audience was welcome to throw in suggestions for improvs’ sake. First up was Theo’s Angels, led by namesake Theo Grant and his co-captain Lynee Castillo, who presented storytime and two games of great hilarity in chaos. Next was Soulja Woahs, lead by Hannah Ngov and Ezra Glenn, who showcased mostly games with their own hilarity in viral internet humor. TBD, led by Kaley Garcia and Hasmik Kirakosian, also had a variety of games with humor reliant on irony. As the night ended, the winners were crowned to be the Soulja Woahs.