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Starbucks Secret Menu

Christmas Cookie – When I first got the drink, my first thought was, “Wow, this is a really white drink”. The first taste was like drinking a liquid Thin Mint. The minty taste lasted for a few seconds before being replaced with a strange aftertaste that kinda ruined the drink. But it was still absolutely delicious. ⅗ stars.

Grasshopper – Like the Christmas cookie drink, the first thing I tasted was a pleasant minty flavor that unfortunately overpowered the java chips blended into the drink. Then as the mint faded away, it was replaced with an unexpected green tea taste. Since it was very unexpected, it wasn’t the best experience but I would definitely order it again. ⅘ stars.

Chocolate Dalmatian – A simple drink which was even more simple to review. While a good concept, the drink was missing the chocolate part of it and replaced with caramel. All the java chips had melted slightly and sunk beneath the surface. But I would get it again if I was craving something hot on a cold winter day. ⅗ stars.

Pink Drink – I dislike tea because it’s given me really bad headaches whenever I drank it. However this drink is now something that I crave. It’s like a pink lemonade but without any type of artificial flavor. It’s sweet but not so sweet that I wanted to stop drinking it.

S’mores Hot Chocolate – Since it was a hot day and I had already drank the Chocolate dalmatian. At first it tastes a lot like one of those Graham Cracker bears and unfortunately, that’s the only thing I tasted. It’s a hot chocolate that’s supposed to taste like s’mores and I tasted no chocolate. However it was sweet and would definitely qualify as a holiday drink.

Caramel Snicker Doodle – Honestly, I expected this to be the most cinnamon-tasting one of all of the drinks, and therefore my favorite since I love cinnamon. However it was my least favorite. The cinnamon was missing from the drink and it tasted, with no other words to describe it, burnt, despite it being a cold drink.