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Wolf Howl

Fine Arts Update: Alice

If you didn’t attend the fall play Alice last week, you missed a spectacular performance.  Hannah Ngov played Alice in the play based off of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice in Wonderland. In this version, Alice takes a trip through Wonderland to overcome her anger and sadness after the loss of her brother. Each character teaches a different lesson, and after Alice snaps back to reality, she has found courage to carry on despite her brother’s death. The casting for this performance was very well done. Because of the nature of the play, much of the cast had to play two or more parts and they were all played with creativity and individuality. One set was used throughout the play, but it was made fun and unique with a few extra props and some psychedelic lighting from the crew. Well directed, well acted, and full of inspirational morals of moving on and being happy, Alice was a smashing success.