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CHS Shoutout

Media Center Shoutout

Here at Chandler you have the comfort of the Media Center to relax and hide away from the heat at this time of year. It’s an amazing go-to place to simply study for your classes and finish work ahead of time so you aren’t stressing about it later.

While in the Media Center you can also seat yourself with friends in the special area designated for eating your lunch and to chat amongst yourselves about anything and everything.

An amazing new addition to the media center is the “Provisions on Demand”, two cool facts about this handy dandy mini food court is that we are the first high school in the district to have a pod, and the third high school in the whole entire nation to have one. It’s also cheap; you can get a combo meal for less than five dollars, which contains a sandwich, salad, some fruit, and a drink.

For more information, go and check it out – it’s open during both A and B lunches. We should also be honored to thank Mr. Mark Hinton, Yearbook/Media Specialist/ CTE Teacher for supervising every day to make sure kids use their time wisely.


Over N Out.

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