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The Haunting of the Queen Mary

For years, Queen Mary has been known for being one of the most haunted places on Earth. Many people stay over night just for the adventure – most of the time they can feel the ghostly vibes or even see things that aren’t “human”.  

In 1939, Queen Mary was renamed “The Gray Ghost” and turned into a transport ship for Allied troops. In 1942, while carrying 10,000 troops, the ship collided with its escort, the HMS Curacao, slicing it in half. Since the enemy threat was so close, the Queen Mary had to leave 239 crew members to drown and the ship to disappear underwater. The ship was retired in 1967 after airplanes overthrew ships as the ideal war transport. But since its construction, there have been nearly 288 deaths linked to the ship, 239 of them from when she collided into HMS Curacao.

Currently it’s docked in Long Beach, California, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions there. After a couple years, guests and staff started reporting weird sounds that was happening all around the ship. People say that they hear screams from the boiler room where an 18 year old sailor was smashed in half by a metal door, and supposedly see a young girl play a nightly game of hide and seek in the empty swimming pool. One of Queen Mary’s most popular ghosts is a woman in a long white dress (found mainly where first-class guests stay) who dances around the room while listening to a silent orchestra. Many people believe that the spirits connect themselves to the old furniture or belongings left on the ship.

Originally, Room B340 was too haunted for guests, but eventually people have been allowed to stay in there for $499 per night. Many guests who choose to stay in the room get offered Ouija board’s, tarot cards, a crystal ball, or even ghost hunting equipment.

Here are some crazy legends of the Queen Mary that may haunt you. An unnamed man murdered his two daughters by strangling them before shooting his wife and then himself in room B474. One of the daughters -dubbed Dana- is often heard calling for her mother near the 2nd class pool area. In room 340, supposedly the most haunted room in the ship, a crew member was brutally murdered. Apparently, the room gets more and more violent with more guests that stay overnight. A more recent death was a 26 year old woman who fell 75 feet from the side of the ship plunging into freezing cold water in 2011, and although there’s no reports of her spirit haunting the ship, it still added to the death toll that this ship brings.

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