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Wolf Howl

Freshman Thoughts and Feelings on the First Few Weeks of School

High school can be a very stressful step in your life, especially the first week of school. As a freshman myself, I wondered what the thoughts and feelings of other students my age were about their first week at Chandler High. So we interviewed some freshman and asked them a couple questions on their thoughts and feelings on high school.

Tabi Allen answered that a lot of the staff were very helpful in finding classes and helping her get around. She explained block days were not that bad, but she would rather move more than stay in one place for two hours.

Gabriel Castellano thought that it was “interesting” and he found it hard trying to stay with his middle school friends.

Kadence Houston explained that it was “easier and more simple than middle school” she also said that she enjoys high school so far and is looking forward to the next four years.

Lastly, Jeremiah Hadnot said that he enjoys spending time with his friends, and that the first week was exciting. Jeremiah says that “I would rate Chandler High school a ten out of ten.”

Everyone interviewed agreed that Chandler High School is a great school, and that the first week was confusing but a great experience. Sounds like all the new wolves had a great start to their high school career.