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The Flix Movie Theater


Yes, the rumors are true. On the Southwest corner of Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard, under the construction and planning of LGE Design Build the project is called “Overstreet” and will cost 25 million dollars. It’s still in zoning and planning and for now its located in zone 3 and is recognized as “Building 1” according to all the blueprints that have to do with that specific zone, but the official name of the cinema is “Flix Brewhouse”.

It will be half brewery and half movie theater, and others have a feeling that this amazing establishment will bring in many customers due to how popular Downtown Chandler is, especially at night. Although, legal planning and assortment meetings like Re-Zoning Submittal, Blanes Set, Owners meeting, Coordination MTG, and 1st City Submittal all started in early 2017 building, construction has been set aside due to undisclosed reasons. The building itself will be two stories high and pretty lengthy according to the blueprints. It will be 44,747 total square feet the first floor will be 35,562 square feet and the second floor will be 9,185 square feet.

Flix Brewhouse will be a phenomenal addition to Downtown Chandler alongside other existing attractions such as Improv Mania and Burst of Butterflies. If you are looking for a great place to eat Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant and Original ChopShop. With amazing and popular attraction, comes great responsibility. The only thing that most customers may seem to be a downside to this upcoming movie theater would be its age policy. Because it’s half brewery and mainly adult oriented, age restriction is applied to the facility. Those that are 20 and younger have guidelines set for them already. If you are between the ages 17-20 you are allowed to view any movie that starts before 7:00 p.m by yourself, but any show after 7:00 p.m you must have either a parent or responsible adult. Those between the ages of 6-16 can only see G, PG, and PG-13 shows that start before 7:00 p.m and are not advised to see a rated R film at even with an adult. Children 2-5 can see all G, PG, and PG-13 movies that start before 7:00 p.m but no rated R films at anytime. On specific “Baby Days” events infants and strollers are allowed in the theater.

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