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Pedro Gomez’s ‘Baboon’ Auto Correct Fail Goes Viral

July 31st. The Arizona Diamondbacks vs the Texas Rangers at Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona. Top of the sixth inning. Full count on batter three balls, two strikes. Outside, a massive monsoon is blowing. Lightning is flashing, rain pouring and thunder clapping. Suddenly, half the lights in the field go out, forcing the game to come to a halt until the power outage is fixed.

Reporting on this game was ESPN’s Pedro Gomez. When the power outage occurred, he tweeted out:


@Rangers and @DBacks delayed in downtown Phoenix because a baboon went through town and overloaded the grid, knocking some lights out.’


  • Pedro Gomez (@pedrogomezESPN) July 31st, 2018



He realized replied quickly, clarifying that he had meant ‘haboob’, but the damage had been done. Due to Twitter’s lack of an edit button and the human unwillingness to delete and repost the corrected tweet, people all across Arizona quickly took the opportunity to make harmless fun at his mistake.

Gomez and the Diamondback’s official Twitter had some banter about drafting the baboon, to which the Diamondbacks’ commented that they’d have to see if they had enough bananas in the budget for such a ‘power arm’ and temporarily dubbing this baboon as the #RallyBaboon. The Phoenix Suns mascot, a Gorilla, confirmed that he wasn’t the culprit, as he was on a date at the time of the power outage. The nearby Phoenix Zoo made sure that every single one of their resident baboons was safe and accounted for before reporting to Gomez. His coworkers from ESPN jumped all over it, even getting him interviewed at the Phoenix Zoo two days later (in front of the baboon exhibit no less). More than a few people confirmed the baboon’s existence by posting pictures of their backyards post-storm or gifs of famous Hollywood-marsupials and claiming that it was live footage from Chase Field.

By the end of the 21-minute, 43-second rain delay, Gomez’s auto-correct had been cemented in his resume as one of the funniest experiences as a reporter. And the baboon has not been seen since…

You can read the entire thread here: https://twitter.com/pedrogomezESPN/status/1024145006326505473