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Wolf Howl

Should schools hold students responsible for actions committedoff campus?

     As many of you know, countless occurrences of students performing misdemeanors happen on campus. Many of us witness them with our own eyes, other times, these accounts happen behind closed doors; students performing illegal behaviors, making racist remarks, and often times, they are never caught, but when they are, what do you suppose the consequences should be? And who should enforce them? Personally, I think schools should not be held responsible for the consequences of ignorant kids that thinks it’s okay to consume alcohol on snapchat, or make rude remarks on instagram; schools are not day cares, they are learning facilities, and if parents don’t want to punish their kids, or believe that their punishments are not “grand’ enough, then too bad; schools are meant for learning and provide discipline, if and only if, these unruly actions are performed on campus. And the parents that keep bringing up the student guidelines and handbook, enough is enough, because you are the parent(s),and as the parent,  you must get a hold of your children and take away their cell phone or something, I don’t know, be creative, but don’t leave it up to the schools’. The worst part about this all, is that once one school gets out of hand, or shall I say students, then all the rest of us get punished as well, that means strict surveillance and more nonsense that I don’t want to mention. Anyways, parents should be one hundred percent responsible over the consequences of their children, and as much as I would like to say “young adults” I cannot bring myself to, because “young adults” don’t make racist comments and believe that doing drugs and drinking alcohol is okay, especially since they think that it’s all some kind of publicity stunt to be more popular at school. Again, I could yell it at the top of my lungs if I had to, but schools should not be held responsible for disciplining students who perform wrongdoings outside of school.