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Wolf Howl

William Mustafa and Adrio Romine

Chandler High’s 2017-2018 Salutatorian is William Mustafa, proud achiever of reaching the top 5% of his class since freshman year. High School won’t be the end of this scholar’s success but instead only the beginning; William plans on going into engineering and explore his options at Arizona State University. He also plans to contribute to the community and volunteer as much as possible. Yet another one of his goals includes studying abroad in hopes to expand and meet more educational opportunities. “I surrounded myself with like-minded people. These are the people who push you and make you to do better”;With great gratitude to his family, friends, and counselor, they have helped to motivate him on his journey to success and overall achievement. William has a simple, yet effective, basketball analogy to help lower class men be the best they can be “You take a lot of shots and miss them, but you keep going back to practice your form, do better, and reach your objective”.

Every year, Chandler High recognizes a student who meets exceptional academic standards, who is able to conquer immense tasks and display dedication to a bright and secure future. “Always focus on deadlines and be aware of the future. Prioritize necessities but don’t be afraid to live in the moment”; Essential advice to lower class men by Chandler High’s 2017-2018 Valedictorian, Adrio Romine. Adrio’s scholarly blueprint involves his plan of going to Arizona State University for medical studies. When he was asked who helped him on his way to success, he deemed his teachers and friends responsible for their nonstop nonstop support and charisma that have sparked him to always try his best. He suggests every student find a stable source of support, a determination to prioritize and sacrifice but to always remember to have fun!